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It’s one thing to choose to distance yourself from people but when you’ve been deluded the whole time into thinking that hey maybe this person recognizes the fact that it’s hard for me to get close to people and then you realize they don’t it’s kind of a kick in the face. Like oh I thought you understood that most of my life I’ve been kind of a loner, and mostly by my own choice, so I never truly found a need for really good social skills but I’m trying now to open up and let you know that I really like you and respect you and even look up to you and I just want you to welcome me as warmly as you welcome everyone else but you never did

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I try not to go on Facebook anymore because it just makes me sad seeing all this stuff like inside jokes or w/e because I’ve never really been included in a lot of stuff, especially in school, and I don’t have a chance to go back and actually like be a real person and not just sit around and feel kinda alienated

Like my friends were all kick ass but that’s like the only redeeming quality that school had

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I really liked and looked up to my French teacher this past year and then to see her post on Facebook about “missing all her babies” which included a few students she didn’t even have in class but not me, and we weren’t even friends on Facebook, really fucking hurts. Like I’m crying because first she told me I basically wasn’t good enough to take the ap exam then I got so much fucking shit for not taking it and I feel like she doesn’t even care that I was in her class and people don’t realize just how much it hurts

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When I was a kid I thought your 20s were supposed to be fun, not filled with perpetual anxiety about financial stability and constantly feeling like an unaccomplished piece of shit. 

That’s because it was fun for baby boomers and they basically gave us this impression it would always be like that, but then they ruined the economy.


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9 AM antics with Sister Davida #instalessdave

9 AM antics with Sister Davida #instalessdave

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Some thoughts on "Doms" I've met


Fake-actually-a-rapist-abusive-piece-of-shit-doms are dime a dozen.

You’d think they’d be more diverse, but all of the ones I’ve met have been the exact same.

  • Older, pursuing younger. No, I don’t mean a 35-year-old hitting on 25-year-old. I mean the youngest fake Dom that I…
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I’m so glad to be out of that school but I’ve been in like constant panic since I got out because I’m 18 and my parents want me to know exactly what I’m gonna do and my dad won’t stop tearing apart my dreams of going to beauty school and I was never really made to go to traditional college and get like some big time job because I’m stubborn as shit and I don’t want yet another institution making money off the fact that I have absolutely no guarantee of a job or even financial stability after high school so I’m gonna try and get a degree but then I’m stuck $30,000 in debt with no job and I’m sorry I’m rambling but we’re with Dave’s dad and he’s talking to him and crying the backseat and my head hurts and I don’t want to be here right now and I don’t want to keep being left out of things ms ignored and I’m sorry

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I don’t like thinking about my senior year because it always makes me cry bc of stupid little shit like this and I feel like I had a shit year other than me and Dave getting together and I really wish I could look back and be like yeah I enjoyed some parts of high school but other than friends all 4 years were pretty shitty

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Words I never thought I’d say:
"Thank you, George W Mother Fucking Bush"

And thank you, Jon Stewart of the Daily Show of reminding us that Republicans have a really short-term memory in regards to actions their own leaders have made.

The elephant mascot of their party is really misrepresented here.

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Thin privilege is never worrying about going to a train station, fairground, or sporting event where turnstiles are used.

Thin privilege is never having to sheepishly ask the nearby attendant if you can use the disabled entrance because you can’t fit through the turnstile.

Thin privilege is never having people mock you or laugh behind your back when they see you struggling to get through a turnstile.

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